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Lfs S2 Crack 0 6bt

LFS S2 0 6BT: A New Version of Live for Speed with an Installer and More

Live for Speed (LFS) is a serious racing simulator that lets you race alone or against other players online. It has no arcade modes or steering aids - you have to do the driving yourself. LFS has been in development since 2002 and has several versions with different features and content. The latest version is LFS S2 0 6BT, which was released on June 20, 2011. In this article, we will review some of the new features and improvements that this version offers.

New Installer

One of the main reasons for this new version is that LFS really needed an installer. Previously, LFS was distributed as a self-extracting archive that you had to manually extract to a folder of your choice. This made it difficult for new users to install LFS, and also caused some issues with Vista and Windows 7 users who tried to install LFS in their Program Files folder. The new installer makes it a lot easier to install LFS, and also offers some options such as creating shortcuts, setting up file associations, and uninstalling LFS. The installer is very non-intrusive, it just extracts LFS into the specified folder and adds an icon to your desktop (if you wish) and a start menu item (if you wish). You can also choose to install LFS without any registry entries or shortcuts by following these two steps:

lfs s2 crack 0 6bt


  • Install LFS (you can disable all file associations and shortcuts during the install)

  • Uninstall LFS - you'll see an option that allows you to leave the LFS folder in place. All registry entries and shortcuts will be removed.

Note that you will need to unlock LFS after installing 0 6BT, because of a fix for some hibernating computers losing their unlock. The developers have reset everyone's available unlocks to three (as if you had bought a new license).

New Free View Mode and Layout Editor

Another new feature in 0 6BT is the free view mode and layout editor. This mode allows you to drive anywhere on the track, without being bounded by the path. You can also place up to 800 objects to create your own circuits or modify existing ones. You can access this mode by pressing SHIFT+U in game. The free view mode also supports blue flags, qualifying, race positions list, and collision detection and reporting system (via InSim). You can also use the layout editor to create custom tracks for multiplayer mode, as all objects are available at all tracks.

Improved Collisions

The collision system in LFS has been improved in 0 6BT, making it more realistic and accurate. The collisions with objects, barriers, cars, and pit garage exit have been enhanced, reducing the chances of getting stuck or bouncing off. The new collision system also works better with the open track configurations, allowing you to drive off-road without glitches.

Other Fixes and Improvements

Besides the new features mentioned above, 0 6BT also includes some graphical optimizations that improve frame rates, adjustable tyre warmers for hot lapping, updated support for lfs:// URL that can be used to start LFS with a command line from a web page, and many other fixes and improvements. You can see the full list of changes from Z25 to Z28 [here].


LFS S2 0 6BT is a new version of Live for Speed that offers an installer, a free view mode and layout editor, improved collisions, and many other updates and enhancements. It is compatible with version Z, so it does not contain the new tyre physics or the VW Scirocco that are still in development. If you are a fan of racing simulators, you should definitely give LFS a try. You can download the full game [here] or use the auto updater or manual patch if you already have version Z25 or later.


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