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Script Of Pk Movie In Hindi

After the success of 3 Idiots, director Rajkumar Hirani and writer Abhijat Joshi started work for the next project.[16] They had written a story about a character who had the ability to get into another person's mind to make that person a better human being. They spent one year to write a story, but it turned out to be similar to Inception (2010). After watching Inception, Hirani and Joshi were shocked by the similarities. Eventually, they decided to scrap the film, then Hirani and Joshi reworked on the script, changing the entire tone and angle. It took five years to make the film and three years to write it.[17]

script of pk movie in hindi

In 2011, Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma signed on for the film.[22] Khan's nephew Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor were considered for a role which eventually went to Sushant Singh Rajput before the release of his debut movie Kai Po Che (2013).[23] Earlier reports said that Rajkumar Hirani had signed Arshad Warsi for the film when it was reported[24] that Arshad will be playing an important role. In 2013, Warsi said in an interview "I couldn't have worked out on dates. I wouldn't refuse Raju for anything. In fact, when he offered me the film, I did not even ask for the script, I was like I am ready to come on whenever you want. So that is the connection I share with Raju."[25] Before Rajput and Warsi were signed on, R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi were said to be cast in the film.[26][27] Junaid Khan, son of Aamir Khan worked as an assistant director in this film.[28]

In 2011, in its initial scripting stage, Hirani named the film Talli, then changed it to Ek Tha Talli which he loved, but later on came to know that Ek Tha Tiger was already in production (released in 2012). He dropped the idea and, after many titles, he came up with a title that only had initials, PK. After starting the film, Hirani felt PK was not a good enough title. He decided to change the title to Talli. But after a few weeks of shooting, Hirani decided to go back to the original title.[33]

The makers released a teaser trailer on 23 October 2014.[49] It achieved 3.4 million views on YouTube within five days,[50] subsequently receiving 12 million views. It was regarded as the most viewed movie trailers on YouTube.[51] The teaser was attached with the film Happy New Year (2014).[52]

Indiagames, a part of Disney India's Interactive business, announced the launch of the official mobile game 'PK' based on the film. On 14 December 2014, Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Siddharth Roy Kapur, managing director of Disney India and Sameer Ganapathy, VP and head, Interactive of Disney India launched the game at the Reliance Digital Store in Juhu amidst much fanfare.[57] The game was developed for both feature phones and smartphones. It was launched on Google Play, iOS App Store and Windows platform. In the game, the player gets to don many avatars of Aamir Khan as seen in the movie, along with a special avatar of Anushka Sharma, as he embarks upon an exciting endless running adventure. Set against an Indian background, the gamer runs amidst the by-lanes of Delhi, railway tracks in a desert (as seen in the movie), and collect a maximum number of paans (as PK is seen enjoying eating paan in the movie). The gamer has to avoid a number of obstacles on the way, which include cows, buses, Delhi trains, rickshaws, traffic jams, and more. The backdrops in the game give the player the feel of the movie.[58]

PK was initially released in 4844 screens worldwide.[66][67][68][69] PK has been made tax-free in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.[70][71][72] PK is the widest Indian movie released in the U.K. (198 screens), Pakistan (over 70 screens), Australia (35 screens) and outside of India (844 screens in over 40 overseas markets).[73] PK was released theatrically in China on 22 May 2015 across 4,600 screens.[74] It had a dubbed Mandarin Chinese version, with Wang Baoqiang voicing Khan's role.[75] The film was released in South Korea and Hong Kong on 3 September 2015,[76][77] and in Japan on 29 October 2016.[78]

Srijana Mitra Das of The Times of India gave the movie 4 stars out of 5.[91] Rajeev Masand of CNN-IBN gave 3.5 stars quoting "It's a courageous film that sticks to Hirani's well-oiled formula".[92] NDTV gave 5 stars calling it "PK is a winner all the way, a film that Raj Kapoor, Bimal Roy and Guru Dutt would have been proud of had they been alive. Hirani is without a doubt their most worthy standard-bearer."[93] Bollywood Hungama described it as "a solid entertainer that will surely entertain the masses and classes alike" and gave 4.5 out of 5 stars.[94] Raja Sen of gave PK 4 out of 5 stars and called it "a triumph" and argued that Khan "soars high".[95] However, Sukanya Verma of the same publication called the film "a mixed bag of spunk and sentimentality", while still giving it 3.5 out of 5 stars.[96] Rohit Vats of Hindustan Times gave 4 out of 5 stars and said "Khan steals the show with his performance".[97] Rohit Khilnani of India Today gave 4.5 stars, and said "Go watch the film & watch it ASAP!"[98] Edmund Lee of South China Morning Post gave PK 3.5 stars.[77] In Japan, Yuri Wakabayashi of Eiga gave the film a positive review in 2016.[99]

Activists of pro-Hindu organizations Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal protested against certain scenes in the film, which they considered to be hurtful to the religious sentiments of the Hindu community as it showed Aamir Khan running behind Shiva. Subsequently, some theatres were vandalised by those activists,[187][188][189] who demanded a ban on the movie[190] and a Public Interest Litigation was filed against PK for the same.[191][192] Amish Tripathi of Hindustan Times and Madhu Kishwar of Firstpost took issue with the film for mocking idolatry.[193][194]

Another scene in the movie shows Aamir Khan walking into a church with a pooja thali, complete with a coconut and incense sticks. He wants to break the coconut near the crucifix. That scene was shot at the All Saints Church in Jaipur.

Pramod Tekwade, from the management of Khandoba temple in Jejuri near Pune, said producers had sought footage of the palkhi when turmeric powder (bhandara) is showered on the devotees. In the movie, Aamir Khan is among the hundreds trying to touch the palkhi.

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There has never been a better time to learn the craft of writing short film scripts. Interest in and access to creating and viewing short films and episodes of series has exploded worldwide, for both TV and the Web. A great short film can also open doors for you in the film industry, which Barry Jenkins discovered with his luminous short film script, My Josephine, written in my screenwriting class at Florida State University.

While it may not be perfect as a movie, it works wonderfully as an exploration of an idea. Like all good art, PK communicates and evokes empathy even as it entertains. The discussion it initiates makes any minor flaws irrelevant.

The movie's greatest strength and its greatest failing is its lighthearted tone that renders it safe and non-controversial. While this is wonderful because it reaches a wider audience and is guaranteed not to offend, it is unfortunate because issues of faith and society are raised but not truly addressed or resolved.

Nevertheless, the film can be regarded as a brilliant starting point to encourage discourse on society. A film like this could not have been made 10 years ago and this sincere, feel-good movie may just result in people engaging in soul-searching and improving their lives and those of others.


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