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Download Gametracker Script ^HOT^

This application is released under our script license. It is released free of charge, with no warranty to its suitability. There is no support provided with this application except through the ConfigServer Community Forum where the community of csf users may assist one another.

Download Gametracker Script

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1-As the gametracker.fakes ADMIN lie at people as I don't publish the code and they try to de-compile They not get the full code only some warning people and why you hide the rest of plugin? I post the code. The lier ADMIN say I redirect people to my server!? hehe Who the idiot? Me or He? CODE And the photo of his liying:

CS 1.6 game tracker is the central server, which contains all currently registered counter-strike 1.6 users servers list, Cs 1.6 game tracker operating principle is simple. Software counter strike 1.6 GameTracker knows only the IP address, port number, and server name on each server. When counter-strike 1.6 server started, he communicate with the game tracker and sends the packet. Cs 1.6 gametracker finds the IP address and port number from which server the packet arrived.It immediately points how cs 1.6 servers and adds it to the currently active counter-strike 1.6 servers list. When a user requests a connection to the game tracker cs 1.6, the game sends a short packet with a list of servers.


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