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New York Institute Of Photography Ebook Download

New York Institute of Photography Ebook Download

If you are interested in learning photography from one of the oldest and most reputable schools in the world, you might want to check out the ebooks offered by the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP). NYIP has been educating photographers since 1910, and offers online, accredited certificate programs that cover every aspect of photography, from aperture to histograms and lighting to portfolio editing. You can learn from the same material that trained famous photographers like Matthew Lewis Jr., W. Eugene Smith, Douglas Kirkland, and many more.

Download Zip:

NYIP ebooks are available for download from their website, and they cover various topics such as:

  • The Secrets of Photography: This ebook contains seven lessons that teach you the basics of how to take great photographs with any camera. You will learn how to see and think like a photographer, how to use composition, exposure, focus, and lighting to create stunning images, and how to edit and share your photos.

  • Motion Picture Photography for the Amateur: This ebook teaches you how to make your own movies with your camera. You will learn about the history and evolution of motion picture photography, the different types of cameras and lenses, the principles of cinematography, the techniques of directing and editing, and the basics of sound recording and synchronization.

  • Photoplay Writing: This ebook guides you through the process of writing a screenplay for a movie. You will learn about the elements of a good story, the structure and format of a screenplay, the methods of creating characters and dialogue, and the tips and tricks of selling your script.

  • Screen Acting: This ebook helps you develop your skills as an actor for the screen. You will learn about the differences between stage and screen acting, the requirements and rewards of screen acting, the methods of preparing for a role, and the techniques of expressing emotions and delivering lines.

  • Principles of Pictorial Photography: This ebook explores the artistic side of photography. You will learn about the history and evolution of pictorial photography, the different styles and genres of pictorial photography, the principles of design and composition, and the ways of creating mood and atmosphere in your photos.

  • The Voice of the Films: This ebook explains the processes used in making films with synchronized sound. You will learn about the history and development of sound films, the different types of sound recording systems, the methods of synchronizing sound and picture, and the effects of sound on film.

NYIP ebooks are easy to read and understand, and they are packed with useful information and examples. They are also affordable and convenient, as you can download them instantly and access them anytime on your computer or mobile device. Whether you want to pursue photography as a hobby or a career, NYIP ebooks can help you achieve your goals.

To download NYIP ebooks, visit their website and select the ebook you want. You will need to provide your name and email address to receive a link to download the ebook. You can also sign up for their newsletter to get updates on new ebooks and other offers from NYIP.

NYIP is not only a school, but also a community of passionate photographers who share their knowledge and experience with each other. By downloading NYIP ebooks, you can join this community and learn from some of the best photographers in the world.


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