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I chose to play Dave Matthews Band's Ants Marching as my example of good music. The band is full of incredible musicians, which best comes out towards the end in an electric violin solo, but really what I like about the song is an association it carries to a leadership weekend I led for underclassmen at my high school- it was a really wonderful weekend, and this song played into the message's climax late Saturday afternoon- since then listening to the song has always brought me back to that time. I'm no music lover- I rarely listen to it, just not finding the time, and although I do have iTunes (although no music player of any kind), even my computer only has 13 songs on it, all of which have particular meanings hearkening back to different times in my life, leading to my liking them. I think this is what makes for good music- connections to goodness of other kinds.

Pink Floyd Coming Back To Life Mp3 Download 44


For my example of good music I chose Bob Marley's live performance of "No Woman No Cry". This is the type of song that puts the hair on the back of my neck up everytime I hear it, it really strikes a chord with me. It's interesting to say however that up to this point I've never really paused to think of why I like it so much. If I had to say one thing that really sticks out to me it is how much emotion and feeling Marley pours into the song. He is not simply recreating a recording, but breathes new life into the song with this performance. The song also has a 'jam session' feel to it that I love, especially the guitar solo. Finally, I also love how it changes and mixes up, passing from a deep relfective feel to cheerful and exciting all in a smooth and coherent manner.


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