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AlphOmega Elliott Waves 5.7 For MetaStock Ver. 9.726 [BETTER]

this is a discussion of several different technical indicators that are available in metastock. if you are interested in learning about technical analysis, we have a book waiting for you. this book is an excellent reference for understanding how market sectors work and how to trade them. although we wont go into detail about this in this article, we will include the name of the books you can buy that describe the various technical indicators.

AlphOmega Elliott Waves 5.7 for MetaStock ver. 9.726


have you been having trouble for months trying to find that trading strategy that works for you? many times, you may have to try a few different strategies before you find one that you can use every day. youll find that this is one of the reasons that most people fail in the markets. youre too picky about the strategies you use. you need to let the market do the work for you, not think about it. learn how to trade a passive system. in this video, ill walk you through the basic steps to this system. well use a sample chart to show you exactly what to expect. well also talk about the different kinds of signals you can expect, how you can go about finding them, and what to expect when you do find them. well also discuss how you can use this system to make sure you dont get stopped out. this system isnt for everyone, but it can help the trader that wants to understand how to trade the markets. using metastock 11 (50 min)

here is a look at the newest algorithm from alphomega. the h&s indicator gives you the opportunity to take the long or short side of a particular market. you can use any elliott wave pattern and position yourself to take the long side of a particular trend. the h&s indicator is easy to use and you can adjust the pivot points for your own trading style. using metastock 11 (47 min)


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