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Rightful Ownership V0.4.0

Rightful Ownership v0.4.0 Part 1 by RNGR, Rightful Ownership by RNGR is adult game about Thanks to his early access to wealth, our main character has led a frivolous youth, tasting and acquiring the rarest most expensive items, buildings, and experiences, but something changed. On his twenty-six birthday, his sudden questions about his way of life will lead him on an adventure rich with love, domination, and submission.

Rightful Ownership v0.4.0

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v0.4.0 Part 1Around 200 renders.1,447 Lines of code.3,432 Words.You can now, name and delete safe files.3 new songs and 8 sound effects.Fixed a typo in a branching variable, please reload when you met Karla.Minor UI changes (Title and SS icon)Fixed more grammar and capitalization mistakes. 041b061a72


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