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Buy Sub Zero Appliances

Located at specific dealers near you, the Living Kitchen features Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances in real kitchen settings and more resources for selecting the right products for your dream kitchen. Look inside a Living Kitchen.

buy sub zero appliances

Sub Zero refrigerators are the gold standard of luxury refrigeration in the market today. What many people don't realize is that Sub Zero, Wolf and Cove are actually all owned by one company, kind of like how Bugatti, Lamborghini and Bently are all owned by Audi. Though perhaps appliances are not as sexy as supercars, it's definitely not a stretch to say that Sub Zero, Wolf and Cove play a similar role in their own industry - they are the highest quality, most luxurious and instantly recognizable appliances to be found.

Owning a Sub Zero refrigerator is an opulent experience from start to finish. They go out of their way to take good care of you, and they are masters at creating lifelong relationships with their customers. In addition to superb customer service throughout the lifespan of your appliances, they are the only manufacturer in the world who will work with you to get you into your next round of appliances, too. So, if your appliance breaks down, or you're ready to update your kitchen again, they will work with you to find discounts and build packages around your needs to make the transition sweet, easy and smooth.

Sub Zero appliances are the best of the best. They are of exquisite quality, made with the most premium quality materials, technology and craftsmanship, and they are built to last longer than any other appliance in the market.

Sub Zero, Wolfe and Cove Appliances are all owned by Jim Bakke, the grandson of Sub Zero's original founder, Westye Bakke, who founded the company in 1943. The company is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. All Sub Zero, Wolfe and Cove appliances are manufactured at their factories Wisconsin and Arizona.

Since 1945, this Wisconsin based company has delivered best of the best fridges, freezers, and domestic cooking appliances. It also was one of the first to pioneer the freestanding freezer design. Eighty years is quite a track record. In that time, it's developed a rep for several standout features.

Longevity: Regular fridges are designed to survive five to eight years, depending on the manufacturer. Gone are the days of decades-long performance; Sub-Zero is still old school, and the company takes pride in making appliances that last at least 18 to 20 years, sometimes even longer.

Yes, Sub-Zero offers best-in-class wine fridges. Besides Sub-Zero wine storage units, the company also makes undercounter appliances such as ice makers, beverage centers, refrigerators, freezers, plus matching storage pieces like shelves and refrigeration drawers.

The world's finest kitchens and most discerning home cooks choose Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances. No other brands offer such a powerful combination of performance, design, and dependability. Owning our products assures that your food will always stay as fresh and flavourful as possible, and you'll have the most precise, premium instruments to cook it with, for delicious results every time.

Many Sub-Zero owners find the various conveniences engineered into a Sub-Zero refrigerator to be part of its value. Nanotechnology is designed into many Sub-Zero models, ensuring that spills on glass shelves will puddle instead of spreading or dripping to another level. Service is also made easier with convenient removable grilles, so that your Sub-Zero refrigerator never needs to be pulled out of its opening for diagnosis or repair, saving both time and wear on your floor. And homeowners now enjoy a new level of convenience with Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers that connect with the free Sub-Zero Group Owner App, allowing you to monitor and control your Sub-Zero appliances from your smart phone or tablet.

A high-quality refrigerator is essential in your kitchen; proper chilling keeps food fresher longer and prevents food waste. Sub-Zero is one of the top brands on the market because their appliances offer unrivaled cooling in attractive finishes to match any kitchen. For decades, families have made Sub-Zero the refrigerator of choice in their kitchen. They offer an extensive range of products to complete any indoor or outdoor kitchen, including refrigerators, freezers, wine storage, beverage centers, and refrigerator and freezer drawers. With NASA-inspired air purification technology and separate compressors in the refrigerator and freezer, these appliances are specifically designed to prolong the life of your food to save money and reduce food waste.

Sub-Zero is best known as the preservation specialist. Their offering includes every style of refrigerator imaginable, including side-by-side, French door, and bottom freezer. Many Sub-Zero refrigerators have a stainless steel finish, giving your kitchen a thoroughly modern feel. For users who prefer a more integrated look, the brand also offers panel-ready models so your refrigerator can perfectly blend in with your kitchen cabinets. These refrigerators offer top-of-the-line features like ice and water dispensers, crisper drawers, and even Wi-Fi connectivity on some models. The Sub-Zero app lets you control your appliances from your phone so you can change the temperature and ice making mode on your refrigerator. It even allows you to connect to voice assistants to simplify operations. Stepping outside doesn't mean stepping away from your Sub-Zero kitchen. They also offer outdoor refrigerators, ice makers, and refrigeration drawers that you can add to an outdoor kitchen or outdoor kitchen island. These models offer the same high-tech features as their indoor counterparts, which is especially important in fluctuating outdoor temperatures. Whether you're looking for something indoors, outdoors, or both, the brand's design guide will help you visualize what your refrigerator will look like in your home so you can make an informed buying decision.

Proudly American-made and -manufactured, Sub-Zero counts on an impressive reputation of refrigerator innovation that dates back to 1945. Since then, the luxury brand acquired Wolf cooking appliances and Cove dishwashers, completing a trio of high-end kitchen appliances with proven dependability and performance.

While Thermador refrigerators are high-end appliances, their price point is more obtainable than its counterpart, Sub-Zero. Depending on the configuration and model, the average Thermador refrigerator can cost anywhere between $2,700 and $8,000 per unit.

Sub-Zero is an American brand of residential major kitchen appliances including refrigeration and wine preservation products built in the USA by the Sub-Zero Group, Inc. based in Madison, Wisconsin. The company also manufactures kitchen appliances under the Wolf brand name, and dishwashers under the Cove brand name.[1]

Wolf Appliance Inc., Sub-Zero's corporate companion, expanded the few products acquired from Wolf Range Corporation. It now sells domestic cooking appliances from kitchen stoves, cooktops, wall ovens, warming drawers and ventilation equipment. The company's products compete with those made by Viking, Dacor, Thermador, GE Monogram, KitchenAid, JennAir and Miele.[citation needed]

In addition to Sub-Zero refrigerators, the company makes Wolf cooking appliances and Cove dishwashers at factories in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, and Goodyear, Arizona. Some of its products, like super-sized refrigerators with glass doors and ranges with infrared char-broilers, retail for $20,000 or more.

Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance Executive Director Doug Neumann said in a news release that Sub-Zero executives reached out to the development group in December because the company wants to make more appliances.

The YouGov survey provides insights into the values that the wealthiest consumers who purchase luxury kitchen appliances are especially attuned to. They are: Artistry, Power and Self-Worth. Mount notes that these three qualities are low on the index of qualities that affluent consumers look for in other luxury purchases. But for the wealthiest considering major appliances, these three values are prime.

But for the wealthy, the concept of power is more than just sub-zero freezing and BTUs in the stove. It is using the power of the appliances to empower the owner to achieve mastery of the kitchen experiences he or she desires.

What do you want your new kitchen to be? Traditional, transitional, contemporary, visionary. Whichever style you choose, Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances will fit in beautifully to enhance any design. Check out our kitchen gallery for a little inspiration!

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