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In 2013 the band released a cover of Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris on YouTube. They also started making covers every Sunday and released them on YouTube as a free download. These covers were called ScoreSundays. They released their lead single to their debut EP, Not Just Another Way, in early 2013. Not long after the single's release their debut EP was canceled. It is unknown why they did so and what the EP was going to be called. The only thing known was that it was supposed to feature Not Just Another Way, and unreleased demos such as Hit List, 4 AM, and Almost.

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5 These projective narratives of the ideal life and death are backed up by regulative biographies12 of those who personified them. The life histories of freedom fighters who fell in the struggle for independence are constructed in such a way that they can be portrayed as examples of the national ideal. Those who resort to violence are depicted not as outcasts from society but as paradigmatic of its deepest values. They are to be praised rather than punished for their actions.

29 This rejection of the British laws as ephemeral went hand-in-hand with an appeal to "the sphere of eternal ideas such as freedom, liberty, and equality." Thus, Lehi members swore allegiance to "the law of the movement of Hebrew freedom fighters and adhered to the supreme command, the command of life for our people." Its authority, they argued, derived from the natural law concerning "the right of each nation to freedom in its homeland, and to fight against the oppressor and the exploiter."30

41 The resort to Jewish history extended, of course, to Lehi itself. The writings included myriad references to those who had fought for national liberation from biblical times until the period of the Yishuv. Lehi fighters portrayed themselves and were portrayed by others as the latest link in "the chain of heroes of the Jewish people, a people that had fought for its freedom with more force, more strength, more sacrifice and more determination than any other nation in the world."42 The Maccabees, though, were considered to be the role model par excellence. Lehi publications were at pains to point out the implications of the Hasmonean victory of "the few over the many." Despite their small numbers, it was argued, the members of Lehi must perform "a Maccabean act" and conduct "a war of national liberation, a war against Hellenists and traitors, a war of terror, and a war on the battlefield, against the alien ruler in the land."43

42 Lehi propaganda tended to emphasize the determination rather than the successes of Jewish fighters throughout the ages. The fact that they fought, not that they won, was regarded as the crucial factor. However, this dichotomy is somewhat misleading because, according to Lehi, all those who engage in the struggle for Jewish independence are victorious in the end. Even if they lose a battle, they transmit the love of freedom to their contemporaries and to future generations. The struggle therefore continues unabated and will eventually be crowned with success. Victory is assured.

49 But even this kind of victory cannot be explained in terms of the physical power of the liberation movement; its "spiritual superiority" over the oppressor must also be taken into account. This advantage, Lehi leaders argued in the paper Hama'as (The Deed), derives from the rightness of the cause:The oppressor has greater numbers and more physical power, but these are not the only factors that determine the outcome of a war. There is also the force of justice that guides the hand holding the weapon. The spiritual superiority that accompanies the physical force is the determining factor. It bestows courage on the freedom fighters, enabling them to advance and attack under lethal gunfire. The lack of spiritual strength and awareness of justice cause consternation and panic in the heart of the persecutors and reveal the full extent of their fear.46

70 An announcement of the death of a Lehi fighter made a similar point. It concluded with the opening words of the Kaddish, the traditional prayer in memory of the dead. However, the emphasis was completely different. The fallen hero rather than the eternal God was being sanctified.Arieh! Listen to the memorial prayer of your brothers and the oath of allegiance to our cause. As long as we live, we will fight for the freedom of Jerusalem and pray, like you, for the peace of Israel: with a rifle and a mine. Blessed and praised be the memory of anonymous soldiers, the fighters for the Kingdom of Israel. Magnified and sanctified be his great name.65

78 While in total disagreement with these rival stories, the national liberation movement cannot be oblivious to them. The foreign, dominant, and prior narratives do not only have sufficient dialogic force to compel attention; to a large extent at least, they provide the inferential structure for the stories of the liberation movement. In the war of words, it is not the freedom fighters but their rivals that set the contours of the conflict.


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