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Itunes 10.7 64 Bit For Windows 7 Download

I installed itunes 12.3 on my computer and updated the iphone 4 to ios 7.1. Now when I used your method to downgrade the itunes 12.3 to earlier version itunes 10.7 I get an error message that iPhone cannot be used since it requires itunes 11.1 or later. What should I do to resolve this error?

Itunes 10.7 64 Bit For Windows 7 Download

However, even though this release is still available on apple's website to download iTunes 10.7 for Windows (64-bit) as soon as I try to login my account either on the store or simply to playback some purchased tv shows it won't let me authorize the computer and will pop up an unknown error 11111 saying to try again later.

Apple is a big organization. Documentation for retired software isn't necessarily updated. iTunes 10.7 and other older builds can be downloaded and may run, but that's not to say they're fully supported or that all features will work. The last build that ran on Windows Vista was and the support document makes it clear that:


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