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The Yellowjackets Songbook Pdf

The Yellowjackets Songbook: A Treasure for Jazz Lovers

The Yellowjackets are a Grammy-winning jazz fusion band that has been active since 1977. They have released over 20 albums and have collaborated with many renowned artists such as Michael Franks, Robben Ford, Bobby McFerrin, and Joni Mitchell. Their music is known for its eclectic blend of jazz, funk, R&B, rock, and world music influences.

For fans of the Yellowjackets, or anyone who appreciates their musical style, there is a great resource available: The Yellowjackets Songbook. This is a collection of sheet music for 20 of their most popular tunes, spanning their entire career. The songbook contains six separate spiral-bound books, one each for piano/partial score, C melody lead sheet, synthesizer/miscellaneous parts, Bb & Eb horn melody part, bass, and drums. The charts are exactly as recorded by the band and approved by them. The songbook is published by Sher Music Co., a company that specializes in high-quality jazz publications.


The Yellowjackets Songbook is a treasure for jazz lovers because it allows them to learn from the masters and play along with their recordings. The songs cover a wide range of styles and moods, from the funky groove of Imperial Strut to the serene ballad of Claire's Song. The songbook also includes some of their more adventurous compositions, such as Galileo (for Jaco), a tribute to the legendary bassist Jaco Pastorius, and Past Ports, a complex piece that features an ondes martenot, an electronic instrument that produces eerie sounds. The songbook also provides some background information on each tune, such as the inspiration behind it and the recording process.

The Yellowjackets Songbook is not only a valuable tool for musicians who want to improve their skills and repertoire, but also a fascinating insight into the creative process of one of the most influential jazz fusion bands of all time. It is a must-have for anyone who loves the Yellowjackets or jazz in general.


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